Sunday May 20th - London and South East Home Brewing Festiva

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Sunday May 20th - London and South East Home Brewing Festiva

Post by Jocky » Thu May 17, 2018 10:18 am

Sunday is London Amateur Brewer's flagship event - the London and South East Festival. This year it's being held at Fourpure Brewery in South Bermondsey, London.

At 1pm on Sunday you'll be able to come in and enjoy tasting all the entries to the competition (525 are registered) and vote for your favourite. The prize giving for the competition will be later in the afternoon, and Fourpure's own bar will be open too with special beers on from the previous two champion brewers of the competition.

If you entered the competition* your entrance is covered as part of the competition fee already, so just turn up and claim your free festival glass (for the first 120 people). If you didn't then it's £10 on the door, with a glass and the home brew sampling included.

*As side note if you entered the competition and want to show off your beer at the festival, please note that we'll be displaying roughly half the beers from 1-3pm and then swapping to the other half at around 3pm. We should be sending an email saying what will be on when.
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