Announcing the new 'Mash Made Easy' version 9.00

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Announcing the new 'Mash Made Easy' version 9.00

Post by Silver_Is_Money » Sat Apr 11, 2020 11:53 am

Announcing the release of 'Mash Made Easy' version 9.00 in both Metric and US formats.

Changes include:

1) Converted from a blend of complex logarithmic and linear computations whereby to simulate buffering and pH valuations, to a more simple and straightforward core based strictly upon mEq's (Milliequivalents). This major core level overhaul brings MME to the new series 9 designation level.

2) Restores feedback for the Chloride/Sulfate ratio, while retaining feedback for your waters Total Hardness.

3) Restores the ability to alter the percentage by which the Kolbach computation of "knock-out" measured downward pH shift due to the levels of calcium and magnesium within your mash water functions to similarly lower pH directly within the mash, and sets this valuation initially to 100% adherence to Kolbach. If you favor the calcium and magnesium driven downward mash pH shift findings of Taylor over those of Kolbach here, change this valuation to 81%.

4) Provides feedback for the blended grists aggregate level of overall mEq's, whereby previous versions specified this valuation for only a single Kilogram of your blended grist.

5) This is a major revision release. All current users of earlier versions are urged to upgrade to this new version level 9 series release. As always, MME is both free and complete. Download it at:
Developer of 'Mash Made Easy', a free and complete mash pH adjustment assistant spreadsheet

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