WalesAles - Tarwebier HOPPY Wheat!

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WalesAles - Tarwebier HOPPY Wheat!

Post by Monkeybrew » Fri Jun 13, 2014 1:24 pm



WalesAles was kind enough to post me a couple of his brews, and I had the pleasure of drinking his Hoppy Brewferm Tarwebier adaptation last night.

It's brewed with the Tarwebier kit, wheat LME, BKE, Falconers Flight hops and is fermented with Danstar Munich yeast.

It opened with a nice pfft and poured with a tightly packed off white whippy head.

The aroma is full of hops, with Citra standing out to me from Falconers Flight blend. Taste is almost dominated by fruity hops, but with no astringent flavours, and then after a balanced gentle bitterness, you get a slight sour finish which I assume is coming from the Munich yeast.

The high ABV (1.066 - 1.012) of this brew is not evident, until you have finished the pint and try to stand up! My favourite aspect of this brew was the silky smooth body/mouthfeel and a head that lasts until the end :-)

Thanks again MUN, and well done for creating such an interesting brew =D>



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