WalesAles - Strawberry IPA 5.4%

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WalesAles - Strawberry IPA 5.4%

Post by ArmChair » Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:43 pm

WalesAles - Strawberry IPA 5.4%


WalesAles - Strawberry IPA 5.4%

Opened with a good hiss, and a nice smokiness coming out the top of the bottle. I chilled this to around 12c, just how I like my ales. I kept looking at the bottle thinking this reminds me of a bottle of summer fruits bulmers.

It pours with a slightly lively carbonation, but WalesAles did tell me to chill this down for around 2.5hours. The colour is a deep plum colour with a slightly light brown hue. It's not the typical colour of your every day IPA

There is a fluffy loosely packed light brown head, that looks amazing on the glass. There is great retention and it reminds me of how the head lasts on a pint if Guinness. There is also a good amount of lacing on the glass. There is a medium body to this ale, and also a slight fizziness on the tounge as you drink. There is a slight dryness in the mouth after a drink.

On the nose you get fresh strawberries, the sort you would get in a strawberry smoothie, and also a a faint wiff of alcohol. There is also a fragrant floural late addition.

On to the taste, and the first thing that it's you, is the tartness of the strawberries, it's a battle between the sweet and the tartness. It's unique flavour, but one that is really enjoyable. There is also a dark fruits flavour and a mild toffee taste coming in late on. I'm also getting some yeasty hints. The strawberry flavour lingers around in you mouth for a good time after drinking a mouthful.

This is a tasty pint, which is fairly unique from other ales, and does stand out. I would give this 7/10

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