WalesAles Saison / Tarwebier (7.4%)

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WalesAles Saison / Tarwebier (7.4%)

Post by tazzymutt » Sat Aug 02, 2014 3:54 pm

Apparently I provided some sort of assistance during the infancy of this brew and, as a consequence, WA lobbed a sample in my direction (by means of our friends at the post office). It has taken me a while to get around to writing this as it took me a few weeks to find a suitable time to drink the brew. anyway here, for what it is worth, is a quick round up of my thoughts:

The brew had an interesting orange hue to it, unlike anything I've seen in a commercial beer. The colour in the picture is accurate (at least on my screen :D) and is not a consequence of curious image software in my camera.

(Click for larger image)
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Re: WalesAles Saison / Tarwebier (7.4%)

Post by tazzymutt » Sun Aug 03, 2014 7:37 am

Hmmm... I;m not sure what happened there, the second half of the post did not appear, so I'll put the rest of it here.

Having read that WA enjoys his brews well chilled i cooled this to around 6C before opening at the end of a hot day when the office bore more than a passing resemblance to a solar oven. Removing the cap resulted in a refreshing pppffffttttt and the usual cloud of CO2 and a gentle pour produced a lively pint. Had this not been a cloudy beer it would have needed a two litre jug to decant into before transferring to a glass, however with a tarwebier base it was designed to be drunk with a raised sediment to get the full flavour.

The aroma when pouring this seemed to have a orange citrus tone which I could not reconcile with my expectations but have to say was interesting (in a good way).

There was little lacing, but the head did persist well down the glass and the fizz on the tongue was present right through the pint; perhaps a little too pleasant for me, but then I like my stout as flat as Ditchwater... The mouthfeel was dominated by the fizz, however it seemed pretty full and smooth in the background.

I could not work the flavours of this brew out. It was nothing like anything I have tasted before and the orange overtones were confusing. I thoroughly enjoyed this beer and found it very refreshing at the end of a hot day. Having said that, I would probably not have had a second one although I would not mind another one another day.

Thanks for the tryout WA an interesting brew but, unlike the raspberry and ginger turbo cider, I doubt whether it is one I will desperate to make myself as 40 pints would take a long time for me to drink and anyway, I value the few remaining brain cells...

Happy brewing,


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