Dbg400 - Razorback IPA 5.7%

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Dbg400 - Razorback IPA 5.7%

Post by ArmChair » Mon Sep 08, 2014 8:14 pm

Dbg400 - Razorback IPA 5.7%


Opens a with a good hiss and pours with good carbonation. It pours a deep bet colour, with a slight orange hue. There is a soapy thick pale yellow head, which sticks to the glass well.

On the nose you pick up tropical fruits, such as pineapple, mango and passion fruit, which smells ripe and fresh, this then develops on to a sweet caramel, golden syrup aroma.

On to the flavour and the first thing that gets you is this wonderful pine freshness of the hops, that then goes in to a wonderful pineapple and grape flavour. There is a crispness to this ales, one that makes you want to drink it as quick as you can and go grab another. I'm also picking up grapefruit, it is an hoppy IPA, and at 5.7% it's one you could have a few of. This is ideal for summer and is thirst quenching. It has a medium body, good carbonation and the malts give it a round sweetness. I would be happy if I brewed this and you can't even tell it's a kit!
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