Splitting a Liquid Starter

Use this method to make multiple brews from a single smackpack or vial of liquid yeast, to get the most for your money!

Liquid beer yeast smackpack
The expanded "smacked" pack
Opening the beer yeast smackpack
Opening with sterilised scissors

Pouring out the active beer yeast
Carefully pouring out the active yeast
Adding the beer yeast to the starter wort
..and adding to 1/2 gall of boiled, cooled wort
Lag phase of homebrew fermentation
The starter just after pitching..
Fermenting homebrew starter
..and after 24 hours
Split homebrew beer yeast starter
After it's almost fermented out, the starter is split into six small bottles.
Storing homebrew beer liquid yeast
The yeast must be kept refrigerated or it won't keep for more than a couple of weeks.

Each bottle can be used to make up a new starter to pitch into your wort.

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