Vossy's Thermopot Mash Tun 1

This is a guide on 'how to' convert a thermo box into a mash tun. It is not the easiest way to convert one, but I wanted a bottom drain and no dead space. It was awkward, and took more time than I thought it would. Hopefully it may be of help to someone intending to do the same sort of thing. My thanks go out to Derek Spedding of the NCBA and the CBA's Brewers Contact, for pointing me in the right direction on this project.

Before starting the project I had to think about what I wanted from my mash tun. I was increasing brew length, so the mash tun had to be able to deal with 85ltr brew lengths of 5% beer. I wanted it to be bottom draining, and also wanted it to be insulated, so the mash temperature would remain fairly stable.

The bits

Total cost £173.67 (not including consumables, labour and tools)


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